L’histoire d’une femme divorcée, si courante actuellement mais aussi celle d’une personne qui malgré tous ses problèmes et sa déprime remet sa vie en question et construit une nouvelle vie : a soul warrior. Pour la musique, Stax spirit avec un titre groovy, du rythm’n blues sixties, la voix puissante de Claudia et des guitares bien funky.

This is the story of a divorced woman with 2 children, one of many like her today. Depressed, doubting herself and prey to self-pity, she nonetheless questions the life she has lived so far and finally constructs a new one : that of a ‘Soul Warrior’.

Regarding the Music, it’s largely inspired by Stax with a groovy title, the Rhythm `n Blues of the Sixties, Claudia`s powerful voice and seriously funky guitars.

Die Geschichte einer Frau, geschieden, 2 Kinder, eine von vielen, deprimiert, voller Zweifel und Selbstmitleid, steht vor einem Scherbenhaufen. Sie stellt ihr bisheriges Leben in frage und entdeckt in sich einen starken Krieger, den Soul Warrior. Die Musik: Stax inspiriert, der Groove angelehnt an den Rythm´n blues der sixties, Claudia´s Stimme treibt nach vorne, die Gitarren funky.

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 Now you´re over 45

And the blues has eaten your life

After struggling

And working each day

You thought you´d be wise

In some kind of way

But all you got´s a divorce and two kids

And all the problems to keep up with

But pickin up pieces

Ain´t the end of time

No ain´t the end of time

There´s a light on the back of your brain

And if you really want it

You can make it bright again

The days of self pity -  over babe

No time to throw your life away

Don´t ask yourself

Where all the fun did go

Give love, take love

Get into the flow

You´re a damn warrior now

Give your life a kick

Come on give your life a kick

No time to cry

It´s inspiration time

Don´t be a fool :I

Whatever comes next will be the best

Be an asskickin soul warrior

And grab the rest yeah grab the rest

Be happy now

And have some fun

For sure your life has just begun

No excuse you got so much to do

Life won´t stop just for you

You gotta believe in yourself

The things you do the words you say

So be a fuckin soul warrior

Give your life a kick

Come on give your life a kick

And now at the end of the day

There ain´t much more

For me to say

I know I know

It will take a while

To feel the difference

To find your style

You still got time

´bout 40 years

don´t waste it man

don´t break out in tears

Start kicking baby

Give your life a kick

Come on give your life a kick

No time to cry I

Whatever comes next

Will be the best

Be an asskickin warrior now

And grab the rest